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At The Beach

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Today was the warmest day here since October and I took the opportunity to head on out to the beach. When I say warmest, that doesn´t mean that it actually was warm, and seeing how the temperature didn´t go above 3 degrees Celsius I had no intention of going swimming. Leaving my swimming trunks at home I brought my camera and some lighting gear instead. Nina and her dog came with me and made for great subjects when I wanted to try out some lighting stuff.

I wanted to use the sunset as a portrait backdrop, but we arrived early and although the sun had started setting over the horizon, the 430EX I had brought wasn´t quite powerful enough to let me dim down the background  just yet. Still, the shots I took of Nina´s dog Vicki came out decent enough.


After setting up the gear and snapping some shots of Vicki she looked awfully cold and Nina picked her up, which presented a great opportunity for some owner & dog shots

Nina & Vicki

After a while the sun had set just enough to let me pursue the look I had visioned before we headed out. The trick now was to try to mimic the war feel of the sunset in the bright white light from the flash.


I did this by gelling the 430EX I had shooting through a white umbrella to Nina´s right, and having her holding a gold 43″ reflector camera left. While the shot above is nice, I still feel it is a bit “cold”, and I´m more happy with the one below.


Check out the pictures in higher resolution on flickr by clicking on them.

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